It all began from a journey through Italy

Welcome to Mister Gelato. Our passion is to bring you a unique, one of a kind gelato experience!

It all began in 2014 on a trip to Italy, we fell in love with the country and its culture, and ofcourse, its famous gelato. Two to three gelatos a day? Obsessed was an understatement. We realised something as simple as gelato could bring about so much joy! All we wanted to do was pocket this, and bring it back home to New Zealand. 

Mister Gelato was born.

We made a promise to do gelato the authentic way, to pay homage to gelato’s original roots. All we wanted was to create a truly amazing experience for all our customers. We learnt and perfected our craft of making Italian gelato straight from the Gelato Masters from Sicily, Italy. Their passion for gelato was contagious and inspirational, further captivating our love for gelato. There are no tricks, no shortcuts, only the traditional Italian way of handcrafting gelato from scratch using the finest natural ingredients. 

There was no better way to serve up our handcrafted gelato other than from our beautiful Italian gelato carts. It’s a complete gelato experience waiting for you. Come on a gelato journey with us, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience!